Renowned Surgeon Turned Adventurous Author John Hagen Transforms Tales of the Sea into Literary Adventures

Formerly known for his precise hands in the surgical theater, retired laparoscopic surgeon John Hagen has redirected his passion for precision towards

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Formerly known for his precise hands in the surgical theater, retired laparoscopic surgeon John Hagen has redirected his passion for precision towards writing. He now charts the vast oceans and documents his adventures as an author. With his recent works, “The Sailor” and “The Embryo,” John seamlessly transitions from the operating room to the boundless sea, fascinating readers with tales of his sailing exploits.

A distinguished figure in the medical field, John spent a considerable portion of his career at a prominent community teaching hospital, initially serving as Chief of Surgery and later assuming the role of Chief of Staff. 

Following his retirement from surgical practice, he initiated a different kind of journey. One that traverses the azure waters of Lake Ontario in the summer and sails across the paradisiacal settings of the Bahamas and the Caribbean during the winter months.

His literary ventures manifest through his widely acclaimed sailing blog, www.dreamingofileana.com, where John intricately combines his experiences sailing the waters, capturing the essence of his explorations in vivid prose. His writings draw readers into the heart of his maritime escapades and foster a sense of wanderlust and adventure among his audience.

“The Sailor” and “The Embryo” reflect John’s unique ability to meld his surgical precision with the art of storytelling. “The Sailor” discusses the exhilarating highs and inevitable challenges of life at sea and unprecedented life twists. Meanwhile, “The Embryo” digs into the complexities of the human experience, drawing parallels between the intricate nature of sailing and the delicate intricacies of life.

John’s distinctive narrative voice and his adeptness at drawing parallels between the precision of surgery and the finesse required for sailing have garnered praise from readers and literary critics alike. His ability to infuse his tales with a sense of adventure, coupled with the depth of insight garnered from his years as a medical professional, sets his works apart within the literary sphere.

John believes that writing about his sailing adventures allows him to capture the essence of exploration, challenge, and discovery in a way that resonates with readers seeking their adventures, both on land and in life.

John continues to be an inspiration not only to aspiring sailors but also to those seeking new avenues of self-expression post-retirement. His ability to seamlessly transition from one professional to another, infusing each with his distinct expertise and passion, cements his status as a multifaceted personality whose adventures inspire and excite audiences worldwide.

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