Minhaz Ahmed Emon emerges as a youth entrepreneur

 Minhaz Ahmed Emon is a youth entrepreneur who has done a great job in his entire life. He is a Bangladeshi Digital Content Creator & Entrepreneur

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 Minhaz Ahmed Emon is a youth entrepreneur who has done a great job in his entire life. He is a Bangladeshi Digital Content Creator & Entrepreneur. He works in the digital marketing and eCommerce space. Right now, he has a youtube channel with 350k subscribers.


Minhaz Ahmed Emon built his reputation as a successful entrepreneur—a man with positive thoughts. In 2013, when he was in college, everybody and his friends were busy with studies and spending time in entertainment; therefore, he was very busy setting up his career. He started his career at Bikroy dot com. Then after ages, he started his photography company and Tech company. He says, “Nothing is easy in the world. You have to achieve it”. He started his journey with 7000 BDT only, but right now, he has several companies to his name. He is working with Esports Bangladesh and has become the owner of the prominent esports organization named BD MARTYRS. 


He is a pure example of a hustler. Traveling and photography is his hobby. He traveled to 12 countries till now, including the United States and the United Kingdom. Awarded as the best ceremony photographer of 2017 in Bangladesh. Minhaz Ahmed Emon is the founder of a company named BD MARTYRS. As an Entrepreneur, he started my company in 2017, and it is rapidly growing fast. Now he has 



Apart from being a youth entrepreneur, he joined another profession and served as a national karate player. He has his black belt in his hand. He played for his country several times. Later on, he dreamed of himself as a voiceover artist. And his videos have millions of views on the internet. By continuously influencing people, he is a person with quick and correct decisions everywhere. 


Several times he displayed toward various national and international media because of his well-done fellows. He has been building his own company named MARTYRS LTD since 2017. A highly efficient, innovative, and methodical person at information with extensive experience in developing and defining their overall strategy. He can relate well with people at all levels and has the flexibility of working well as part of a team or individually. He is comfortable moving in a fast-paced, hands-on, growth-oriented work environment. He possesses a proven ability to ensure that brand messages, standards, and communications are understood and implemented effectively.


Information on Minhaz Ahmed Emon:


Minhaz Ahmed Emon was born on August 30, 1998, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. A youth entrepreneur who has done a great job in his entire life. His hometown is Dhaka, but he currently lives in New York in the United States of America. He completed his B.tech from one of the reputed universities in the world, which is located in Moscow, Russia. One of the best-awarded Youth Entrepreneurs of 2017 at the age of 18. Humanitarian more than Public Speaker. He got 24 national and international awards.