MetaGalaxy Land generates Play-to-Earn feature on its Metaverse platform.

Metagalaxy Land has emerged as a blockchain-based next-gen MetaFi platform. In the latest development, the platform is all set to introduce the Play-t

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Metagalaxy Land has emerged as a blockchain-based next-gen MetaFi platform. In the latest development, the platform is all set to introduce the Play-to-earn feature on its Metaverse platform in first quarter of 2023. It will contain two types of players, Space Cowboys and Space Pirates, work together to achieve higher tier yields, rewards, ships, and buildings and construct and discover higher tier and rarer artifacts.


With the new developments, Metagalaxy Land is facilitating its users with a metaverse experience enriched with the NFT integration and play-to-earn feature. The company positions Metagalaxy Land as an exclusive metaverse platform with multiple features. Therefore, the team is now using the concept of MetaFi instead of GameFi.


Metagalaxy Land focuses on the aspects of emigrating to a different planet and creating a new life with the help of developing technologies and inventions. The time users spend in Metagalaxy Land to experience the metaverse should have a counterpart in real life. From this point of view, with the play-to-earn feature Metagalaxy Land, they can earn funds while participating in the metaverse.


Furthermore, the platform has also taken the liberty to start at the Decentralized Planet,” which is the first stop for all players. The first version to be released is also set on this planet. Players will have the opportunity to explore this planet and see and interact with the buildings. In addition to that, the company will have some surprise add-ons. Peoples planets, which are also their NFTs, will be included in the platform in later versions. The gameplay video of the first version can be visualized and comprehended here


Consequently, Metagalaxy Land represents the new future beyond the borders of the user’s mind. The platform combines the power of the end with Blockchain technology and the infinity of new generations to create a metaverse. It thrives on creating a future where work and play become one and empowering its players while giving them economic opportunities and pleasant time with its play-to-earn add-ons. 


In addition, Metagalaxy Land’s Metaverse has been developed with Unreal Engine 5. Platform will be isometric as it has shifted some of its drawings to 3D as the company aims to reach the highest satisfaction for NFT and Metaverse Experience. Thus, Metagalaxy Land is evolving as a platform where people can terraform a world and make it habitable, as a simulation for humankinds future activities. 


About the company – Metagalaxy Land


Metagalaxy Land is an NFT MetaFi project on the BSC network and a next generation blockchain based metaverse experience platform where different types of players work together to collect awards and discover new artifacts. The platforms governance token is known as MEGALANDs. It defines the $MEGALAND token as a resource of the company’s Metagalactic Ecosystem. So, this token can be staked on the currently active Metagalactic Swap, used for in-metaverse transactions such as building, leveling up, and trading on the Metagalactic Metaverse Platform, and used on the Metagalactic NFT Marketplace, which is one of the future steps on the roadmap of the project.


For further information, visit their comprehensive Link Tree: links.metagalaxyland.com