DeepMaterial  offers a complete range of effective products


DeepMaterial offers a complete range of effective products

Based on the core technology of adhesives, DeepMaterial has emerged as a manufacturer of industrial hot melt adhesive, hot melt adhesive, and electron

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Based on the core technology of adhesives, DeepMaterial has emerged as a manufacturer of industrial hot melt adhesive, hot melt adhesive, and electronic assembly adhesive. The company develops adhesives for the plastic, glass, and metal items industry and offers a complete range of items for almost every imaginable application. The company provides a variety of adhesives according to their needs.


The industrial hot melt adhesive manufactured by DeeMaterial is utilized for electrical products, packaging, and testing. It is mainly utilized in the decorative board industry, where the high permeability materials require the glue to be transparent and provide stable performance under specific process conditions. The adhesive gives exceptional outcomes like a good bonding effect with different plastics with high bonding strength and short relieving time quality. After utilizing Industrial Hot Melt Adhesive, the item does not yellow or brighten for quite a while. Apart from that, the company manufactures it with great resistance to low temperature, high temperature, and high moistness as well. The users can apply it by screen printing which is convenient for activity.


The company manufactures hot melt adhesives that can bond different substrates, such as hard-to-bond plastics. These adhesives can deal with all the toughest bonding applications and are suitable for high-speed processing, large gap filling, bonding diversity, and rapid initial strength. It provides long-term durability and exceptional humidity resistance, as well as chemical resistance, oil resistance, and oil resistance.


Furthermore, electronic assembly adhesives by DeepMaterial are of premium quality and utilized in a wide range of electronic appliances. The company manufactures high-performance items that are advanced and sophisticated and also provides various ranges of formulated sealants, inks, solder pastes, and adhesives. These products ensure the consumers that these items are reliable and efficient by their long-term stability, profoundly improved processability, and convenient capacity. These adhesives provide consumers with better safety, aesthetics, and performance capacities. The company also focuses on facilitating the consumers by providing better adaptability and versatility for applications due to different fixing and opening times.


Consequently, the company also manufactures following products includes one-component epoxy underfills adhesives, hot melt adhesives glue, UV curing adhesives, high refractive index optical adhesive, magnet bonding adhesives, best top waterproof structural adhesive glue for plastic to metal and glass, electronic adhesives glue for electric motor and micro motors in home appliance. DeepMaterial facilitates different kinds of products about industrial adhesives for electric, UV curing UV adhesive series as well.


About DeepMaterial:


Shenzhen DeepMaterial Technologies Co., Ltd innovatively manufactures adhesives for semiconductor and electronic applications and develops surface protection materials for chip packaging and testing. The company develops industrial hot melt adhesive and sealant sticks and produces solid waterproof structural adhesive glue for plastic, metal, and glass. DeepMaterial’s semiconductor adhesives are used for electronic assembly, chip adhesives are used for epoxy underfill, and magnet bonding glue is produced for electric motor utilization.