Albert Lew is going to release his upcoming film

Albert Lew presented his acting skills in “Don’t Get Comfortable,” “The Bench,” a web series pilot, and other short films for festival consideration.

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Albert Lew presented his acting skills in “Don’t Get Comfortable,” “The Bench,” a web series pilot, and other short films for festival consideration.

Different jobs of Albert Lew

Albert Lew recently introduced himself as an actor, writer, and vocalist. By profession, he is an engineer. Lew has presented his services in the field of science for more than 15 years. Recently he made a move from his former impressive skills to art. Now he has become a well-known actor. He leads mostly supporting roles. He started his acting career with his first debut film, “Don’t Get Comfortable.” He played a supporting role in the film. He gave an incredible performance. His first film was nominated for Best Film and won the 2021 Kids In The Spotlight Best Film.Recently he revealed about his upcoming film “A Cotton Mind,” co-starring with artist Eric Roberts.

 Albert Lew as an Actor

Albert Lew expresses his potential in so many projects. He acknowledged himself for playing the lead role of a guilt-ridden father in “The Heroic.” He also showed his acting skills in “One Hundred” as a mysterious army commander making a strange discovery in his home. Lew presents his art skills not only through his acting but also through his voice. He lent his voice for a suspense-based horror show, “Don’t Look Behind.”

Film industry

Additionally, Lew landed roles in impending television pilot episodes of “Stupendous Jete” and “ Al & Joshua.” Toward the start of this year, he wrapped the impending thriller “In The Cards.” Now he is working on numerous tasks in pre-creation to film in the year 2022 to 2023.

 Albert believes that portrayal always matters, whether he landed a lead or supporting role in any classification of any scale. He proceeds with his actor training while pursuing the honor of inspired narrating through the characters landed in films and TV. Albert expects that people will stay up through his IMDb/websites and want to see him on the film screen sooner or later. He is hopeful that people are inspired to carry on with their biography, however, as he is now.


About Albert Lew:


Albert Lew is Asian American well-known artist and writer born and living in Los Angeles, CA. During his school education, he found acting on his television. He got his graduation degree from the University of California, Berkeley. He worked as an engineer. But sooner, he joined theatrical services doing arranged plays. He started taking acting classes and learned how to give auditions and give a performance on camera.